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Build your Messenger or Voice Assistant faster

Introducing Dialog House products, the fastest way to add chat or chatbot functionality into your apps. Style and tune chat components. Manage AI. Build true WhatsApp-like application experience - not just a support chat window.

Chat & Voice Assistants frameworks

Accelerate your chat development process with web or native iOS and Android instruments & frameworks


Dialog Kit

Build your Chat or Voice Assistant app by adding native iOS or Android frameworks


Dialog Engine

Build & deploy your own Bot as easy as 1, 2, 3


Dialog Admin

Manage your Bot skills. No coding needed


Design your custom chat UI

Rapidly build whatever chat you want - any custom UI you can imagine. Just use the tools and go live. And you can also add a bot!

Rapidly build your custom chat user interface

Achieve true messenger app experience with high performance

Embed a chat into your existing product or build it from scratch

Save hundreds of hours

Build your unique Virtual Assistant

Best AI tools in one place – use them to build, train, and deploy bots as easy as never before

Create custom skills and integrations

Use it across multiple channels – web and mobile chat, SMS, voice calls, smart speakers and more

Make it self-hosted and protect your data. Your privacy is in the right hands – yours

Use our admin panel to manage your Bot skills

Our admin panel is so intuitive that you don’t need to be a scientist to manage it. Update your content and Bot skills easily without coding. However, we keep developers happy as well – you can always add your lambda functions if you wish 🙂

Manage your custom Bot skills

Prepare training sets you need

Analyze the results and make your product even more efficient


Let's answer some questions

Why did you build Dialog House products?

Short answer: we’re a software engineering company and we love building chats 😉

Long answer: we believe that a chat app is much more than a simple chat window. It’s a complex product where you should be able to make audio and video calls, receive push notifications, store message history, and and your data should be encrypted and kept safe (not to mention that it all should be optimized to work fast and smooth). So after years of work, we put all of our chat expertise in one product suite to make chat building experience easy, fast and efficient.

What is Dialog Kit?

It’s native iOS and Android frameworks that help you build chats with fully customizable UI of any complexity – with few code lines. Dialog Kit consists of three main modules:

• Dialog Chat UI. It is a universal component that helps you customize the chat window according to your needs. It’s separated into several parts and each part can contain different elements. For example, you can edit avatar view, the bottom and top bar elements like the “send” and “add an attachment” buttons or the way included links are displayed.

Also, Dialog Chat UI lets you create a custom input window that has the functions you want to implement. Here you can add media attachments or give your chatbot the ability to record voice messages.

• Dialog Core. The Core module is responsible for the main logic of the chat or chatbot you are creating. It consists of Chat Engine, Chat Encryption, Chat Media Storage, Chat Web Socket and Chat API Client. All these parts can be easily updated or changed as needed for project implementation.

• Dialog Utils.
It is a set of main and additional extensions that are used in the previous modules (for example, Push Notification Handler).

What is Dialog Engine?

Basically, Dialog Engine is a backend for chatbots.

Our team created an engine-agnostic runtime built on top of cutting-edge technologies. This module takes the pain out of choosing tools for deployment. Every tool needed for the bot to function is already listed in a dropdown menu. All you have to do is pick a service where the bot will be deployed.

The second issue – choosing the platform – is also easily solved with the help of a dropdown menu. The only things that might be required are some manual actions from the platform side, like receiving a security key for Telegram or creating a page for Facebook.

Dialog Engine is designed to work with Dialog Admin, so it makes setting up the full pipeline for dev-staging-production a breeze (and no coding experience is required).

What is Dialog Admin?

Dialog Admin helps you to manage your Bot skills, upload your data sets to train it and design conversations for any platform. Using the user-friendly admin panel, you can visualize and test your Virtual Assistant behavior and make sure it works as you expected (and even better). What's more, there are built-in analytics tools – examine the results and make your Bot perfect.

Dialog Admin is designed to work with Dialog Engine, so you can set up your dev-staging-production pipeline in a few clicks. You can do it without any coding experience or upload your own serverless custom lambda functions.

Are all elements customizable?

Sure, that’s what Dialog House products were created for 😇
You can customize pretty much everything just the way you need it. 
If not, ask us.

Do you offer support for using these products?

Yes, we do. You can rely on our support team with whatever issue you may have. Frameworks are updated regularly and you can access the latest version. We can also help you with the whole product development.


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